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Core Coder One


Core coder is an app specifically to handle minecraft json files and javascript files. This app will help you to develop your own  content easily and quickly.

Code editor

Our code editor is specifically made to handle minecraft json files, with live auto syntax checker, live autocompleter, copy paste undo, everything you'll need.

File Manager

The file manager is super powerful and easy to use. Displaying all information needed, so no more opening multiple windows of file browser ever again.

New! File managers now show your item icons!

Also now you have a builtin web browser :)

Project Manager

Project manager is easy to use, flexible yet super simple. My goal for this is to bring projects creations 10 times faster than not using any tools.

Integrate with multiple tools

Made to work together with these apps.

Notes if the app won't open, please  try running the program as administrator.

Also check out our official websites where we post new updates, features, tutorials and many more! (https://corecoder.skybird.ga)


CoreCoder-v1.5.2-win32-ia32.zip 82 MB
CoreCoder-v1.5.2-win32-x64.zip 86 MB

Install instructions

Extract the file anywhere

Run the executable as administrator

Development log


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Browser is outdated?


I love this idea! I hate all the file explorer tabs i gotta open when making datapacks\resource packs! thank you!

Thanks! Although this app is made for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The exact same problem we face is that requirement to open multiple apps