First Major Release!

First release ever! Woohoo!

Yes you heard it right! This is the first release of the app! Thanks to those who have already bought the pre-release of the app, and thank you for everything you guys supporters have given to me. I want to take this opportunity to also announce the next big update for CoreCoder itself. 

The next update of CoreCoder, which gonna be CoreCoder 1.1.0 will be the plugins update! Yes you heard it right. With how easy it is to make addons with corecoder, we feel like there's something else can be done. So we put plans to add the plugins system! This can help all of you guys to make your own tools and even create your own mini apps! That's all i got to say for now. Peace out


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Aug 24, 2020

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If I have already bought this program, where can I download it?

You should see the download button once it is released. Estimated release date is next week