Fast Autoupdate

v1.0.1 - The Micro Update System

This system should automatically updates your Core Coder automatically, with rather small file size. This only download important files. The first launch of the program will download NWJS, the core of the app. This file is around 100mb. Now this file will only be downloaded once, every other updates will just contain 1-10mb at most. This will bring updates easier to make and new system can come immediately to you guys. So stay tuned for the next cool updates! Also I've added that sweet lookin' splash screen ;)

Files 102 MB
Aug 26, 2020
CoreCoder-setup.exe 68 MB
Aug 26, 2020

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Was the auto-complete/scheme feature included?

Not yet unfortunately. I need to rewrite the whole thing :/


Thank you :)